29 ottobre 2021

Release Blitz: "The den of sin" di Eva Winners

The Den of Sin
di Eva Winners
Genere Russian Mafia Halloween Romance
Uscita 29 ottobre 2021
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Vasili Nikolaev.
Dangerous. Deadly. And most of all, devastating.
He’s the king of New Orleans.
Ruler of the Russian mafia and my best friend’s oldest, mouthwatering brother.
On Halloween night my last year in college, I gave him everything. My body. My heart. My soul.
He burned it all to the ground with the first ray of dawn.
Lessons learned. I’ve moved on. Now, five years later, I have a career I love, a boyfriend. But Vasili is back in my life again. A temptation I don’t need.
One thing is for certain. Nikolaev always settles the score.
He’ll destroy everything and everyone, including my boyfriend.
The question is… What is Vasili’s end game? Will he destroy me all over again or will I be the Phoenix rising from the ashes he left behind and take what I've always wanted? Him.


“He turned his head and our eyes met, the untamed lust weaving through the air.
“Fuck,” he groaned. I blinked in confusion, wondering what was the matter when in the next instance, he shot across four lanes to take the exit. His tires screeched, taking a right and another left and he pulled over next to an empty building, right under the large weeping willow tree.
Glancing around, I scanned the area and all the while my pulse thundered in my ears.
“What are we doing here?” I questioned him, my heart beating hard under my chest.
The sound of a zipper inside of the car had me whipping my head his way and my mouth just about dropped. His big, thick cock sprung out of his pants and Vasili’s big hand wrapped around him.
“Y-you, are you,” I couldn’t compose a sentence. “What are you doing?” I asked in shock, my eyes locked on his hand movements. His ink decorated fingers looked so damn hot as he pumped up and down. I had never seen anything so sexy. I wanted to feel his hands on my throbbing, aching center.
“Jerking off,” he groaned, his eyes on me. Holy shit! My heart thundered under my rib cage and fire burned in my veins. I should be appalled, disgusted, angry, but the only thing I managed the energy for was to get turned on.
This sight of him jerking off was so damn erotic.
I forced my eyes away from his cock and up to his face. His hooded gaze burned with desire, the tension in his body visible.
The silence in the car, broken only by his soft grunts and the low tunes coming through his car stereo. This is making me alive.
The words of the song reflected exactly what I felt at this moment. The song “Feel it” by Michele Morrone would forever whisper of this night, of this man. Vasili made me feel alive.
I felt him on every inch of my skin and he wasn’t even touching me. My tongue swept over my lower lip, and I bit into it, preventing a whimper escaping through my lips.
“See what you do to me, Isabella,” he grunted. Oh my God, was my breathing labored or was that his? Or both of ours?
My pussy clenched with need and my eyes returned to his cock. His hand tugged on it, up and down; the glistening of cum at the tip of it tempting me to lick it. Holy shit, I might just orgasm from watching him jerk off.
“Fuck, you smell so good.” His groans filled the inside of his Lamborghini. “Are you wet, malyshka?” My head nodded without registering the meaning of his words. “Touch yourself.”
I couldn’t move, mesmerized by his cock and pre-cum glistening, running down his shaft. I could just lean over and taste him, or at least touch him. Finally, I lost my battle with temptation and my hand reached out to his hard cock, wrapping around his big hand.
“Do you know how many times I get myself off thinking about you?” His voice was tortured, the tension and need for the release steaming off his body.
I removed his hand and wrapped my small hand around his shaft. The moment my hand touched his shaft directly, a loud groan echoed in the car and vibrated straight to my core. It has been five years since I touched him, but it might as well have been yesterday. God help me, my hand remembered him.“
Copyright © by Eva Winners, Winners Publishing LLC

Eva Winners released her first novel Second Chance At Love in 2020 and has been writing feverishly ever since. She writes about everlasting romance for every century focusing on characters emotional development and always guarantees an HEA.
She loves yoga, wine and her kiddos. In her spare time, she seeks adventures either hiking through trails or exploring the beaches. Writing books has always been her passion and she brings real life to the forefront in everything she writes about. Deeply passionate characters and stories will draw you in and you'll never want to leave.

25 ottobre 2021

Cover Reveal: "Cerca un rifugio lontano da me" di Giovanna Roma

Arriva il 9 novembre il nuovo romanzo di Giovanna Roma, e oggi sono qui a mostrarvi la cover in anteprima! Cerca un rifugio lontano da me è un Dark Cartel enemies-to-lovers, con un anti-hero possessivo e st****o e una protagonista femminile con gli attributi. Curiosi?

18 ottobre 2021

Review Tour: "Pestilenza" di Laura Thalassa (I Cavalieri dell'Apocalisse #1)

Sono entusiasta dell'arrivo di Pestilenza, il primo volume della serie I Cavalieri dell'Apocalisse di Laura Thalassa: se amate i paranormal romance con elementi post-apocalittici e urban fantasy, dovete proprio recuperarlo!!!

14 ottobre 2021

Recensione in Anteprima: "Fable of Happiness Book Three" di Pepper Winters (Fable #3)

Fable of Happiness Book Three
(Fable #3)
di Pepper Winters
Pagine 449
Euro 4,27 (ebook)
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ARC ricevuta dall'autrice in cambio di un'onesta recensione

A stranger full of rage.
A battle that has no victors. 
A decision that has to be made. 
And a future that has to be fought for. 

Scarred and learning how to live again, Kas might never be free of his darkness. 
A life full of triggers is no life at all. But a love full of pain can only grant heartache. 

Gem made the decision to stay, but at what cost? 

Kas made the choice to claim her, but will he ever be worthy? 

To love is the simplest choice of all.

But healing is the hardest struggle. 

2 ottobre 2021

Cover Reveal: "Pestilenza" di Laura Thalassa (I Cavalieri dell'Apocalisse#1)

Questo sabato ho per voi una notizia bomba, un'anteprima che aspettavo da tantissimo tempo e di cui vi avevo già parlato nel mio speciale Vi Presento QUI: arriva l'8 ottobre prossimo il primo volume della serie I Cavalieri dell'Apocalisse di Laura Thalassa, grazie alla Hope Edizioni, casa editrice che ha l'occhio lungo per le novità imperdibili. Con il titolo Pestilenza, entrerete in un mondo apocalittico dove in gioco c'è molto di più che la mera sopravvivenza dell'umanità... 
Per voi cover e trama! Lo leggerete? Non ammetto risposte negative! ;)